Exotic Car Rentals - Luxury Car Hire

Exotic Car Rentals - Luxury Car Hire

One of the biggest vacation expenses is a exotic rental car, this also applies for luxury car hire. Below are a few suggestions on how you can save money on your next exotic rental car.

If you are flying to your vacation destination and have booked the flight either online or through a travel agency, you can more than likely get a discount on your exotic rental car if you book it as part of the package.

The majority of car rental companies collaborate with at least one airline to provide frequent flyer miles or other types of rewards when you rent a car. In addition, many airlines offer incentive and bonus programs where you get extra miles or extra credit, so be sure to inquire about these programs when making your reservation.


When choosing your exotic rental car, a compact or subcompact economy car is usually less expensive than a full size sedan or minivan.

Therefore, selecting an economy will not only be less expensive, but you will also get better gas mileage thus saving on gas expenses.

If you need a large sedan, SUV or minivan for the comfort of your family, it is well worth your time to shop around.

There is usually a high demand for these types of vehicles and therefore a larger price tag.

Travel related web sites are a good place to start your research to familiarize yourself with the average price in your vacation area.

Luxury Car Hire Deals

The duration of the rental will have an influence on the cost as well. Weekly rentals are usually far less costly than a daily rate spread over a week. Therefore, if your vacation plans are for a week or more, be sure to inquire about special rates. If you are taking a weekend vacation, many companies offer weekend specials on certain makes and models of their cars.

In addition, a number of national car companies and local smaller companies rent their used cars for much less than a new car from a rental agency. In most instances, these cars are only a few years old and provide the same protection as a new car.


For the business traveler, joining a frequent renter club, or using the same exotic rental car company each time, is a great way to get some special coupons.

Some very good deals that you could use for the family vacation.

Most people purchase car insurance from the rental agency. Usually, this is not necessary. If you have purchased your exotic rental car on your credit car, you may already have coverage as part of your credit card plan.

In addition, as an automobile owner, you car insurance may provide coverage for exotic rental cars.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to check your credit card plan and automobile insurance, if you are covered, then purchasing insurance from the exotic rental car agency is not necessary.

The same advice also goes for luxury car hire.




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Here is a little know piece if information - here are the top 10 most popular rental cars of all time

1.Toyota Camry
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10.Chevrolet Malibu.









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Exotic Car Rentals - Luxury Car Hire